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Justin Saikaley

Nick Curson Affiliate Trainer/Certified Personal Trainer (first and only Canadian affiliate)

Welcome to Flow Fitness. Here is a little background information about myself and my mission:

I am dedicated toward working in the fitness industry. I have been in the industry for the past twelve years. In that time, I have trained many people, from the ages of 10 to the age of 71. Within this vast range of ages from young to older, I have worked with a variety of clients based on their specific needs. I have worked with professional and amateur martial artists, extreme weight loss clients, rehabilitation clients, sport specific clients (basketball, volleyball, shot put, etc.) and of course the average level working professional looking to get fit. I firmly believe that no matter your fitness level, I am highly capable of improving your physical abilities but also providing you with the knowledge that will help you succeed towards your goal. Over the course of these sessions, clients will attain a sense of empowerment, discipline and knowledge. Individual sessions will be tailored to the specific needs of the client, with an emphasis on keeping the workouts fun and engaging for the individual. I provide a mixture of strength, speed, mobility, endurance and recovery to my sessions.

I look forward to working with you toward your individual fitness goals!

Justin Saikaley

Speed of Sport-Nick Curson Affiliate Trainer